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Make it Easy for Dealers to Sell More of Your Equipment


Digital IRON

The platform the industry needs at a price that makes sense for your business.

Digital IRON is a flexible platform that allows you to select 1 or all 6 tools that fit your business.

The Platform

Digital IRON Tool Suite

Build & Price

Empower your customers to configure your products the same way they do their new truck online.

Dealer Ordering & Management

Real-time order management that ensures dealer orders are configured to the correct specifications and price.

Dealer Quoting

Make it easy for your dealers to quote accurate pricing with discounts and fees applied. OEMs get visibility & reporting on what products are being quoted including discounts for all sales regions.

Product & Market Analysis

Get real-time analytics on what products are being quoted in by your dealers and customers on your website. Reporting segmented by dealer, sales territory, and product line.

Dealer Warranty Registration

Allows dealers & customers to quickly and accurately fill out warranty registration forms with all the key product info such as VIN/Serial Number already loaded into the forms.

Dealer Inventory & Transfers

Enables OEM's & distributors to instantly see what inventory is on ground at each dealership.